SHIFT – The scan speeds you need

SPECTRALIS with SHIFT technology is the first commercially available OCT that allows you to switch between 20, 85 and 125 kHz A-scan rates – three OCT scan speeds to find the ideal balance of image quality and clinical workflow. Varying the scan speed for different applications supports you in achieving the best outcomes for image quality, sharpness, and contrast.

The ability to flexibly switch between scan speeds based on the patient’s individual needs allows you to use a customized approach and offer the best possible patient care. While customized presets – 125 kHz for OCT angiography and 85 kHz for structural OCT – allow you to complete your daily routine more efficiently, you can also speed up or slow down image acquisition, depending on the individual circumstances.

With full backward compatibility of existing patient data and functions, SPECTRALIS with SHIFT ensures continuity and rapid integration in your clinical practice. The transition to the new technology is fast and seamless, and long-term follow-up functionality ensures continuity of your patient data.

Future-proof your clinic with the latest SPECTRALIS, an upgradeable multimodal imaging solution designed to support the growth of your practice for years to come.

SHIFT – The scan speeds you need for optimized performance, improved workflow and customized patient care.