Scientific Timeline

An overview of our contributions to ophthalmic science

Navigate this scientific timeline to find out more about how Heidelberg Engineering has been researching, cooperating and continuously optimizing ophthalmic imaging and healthcare IT technologies over several decades.

Every step of the way, the goal of our many collaborations with scientists, clinicians and industry partners has been − and continues to be − to develop clinically relevant, innovative products to empower clinicians to improve patient care.

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First research prototype of adaptive optics (Heidelberg Instruments)
First commercial prototype cSLO (Heidelberg Instruments)
Zinser, Bille


First Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Aberrometry sensor including

Zernike Polynomials
Zinser, Bille


Aberration corrected retinal imaging
Dreher, Weinreb, et al.

First Commercial cSLO: Laser Tomographic Scanner (LTS, Heidelberg Instruments)


Heidelberg Engineering was formed
Zinser, Schoess


First AAO with Heidelberg Engineering


First commercial compact cSLO with objective measurement of ONH with automatic image alignment for correction of eye motion (HRT)


First research prototype of adaptive optics (Heidelberg Instruments)
First commercial prototype cSLO (Heidelberg Instruments)
Zinser, Bille


First Doppler Flowmetry (HRF)
Michelson, Chauhan, et al.

First ICGA study with HRA
Bartsch, Schmidt, et al.


First simultaneous FA / ICGA video technology
Holz, et al.


Image montage using image averaging technology on HRA

Noise reduction technology by image averaging on HRA

Moorfields Regression Analysis (MRA)
Wollstein, Garway-Heath, et al.

First compact clinical system for objective measurement of the ONH – became gold standard for progression analysis (HRT II)


First Oral FA with HRA
Garcia, et al.


Glaucoma Probability Score with HRT II
First machine learning classification algorithm (AI)
Swindale, Stjepanovic, et al.


Topographic Change Analysis (TCA)
Chauhan, et al.


Blue Fundus Autofluorescence using HRA2 prototype
Roider, et al.


Lab prototype of compact cSLO system for two-photon imaging

First cSLO in vivo corneal microscopy (HRTII RCM prototype)
Guthoff, Stave, Stachs, et al.



In vivo measurement of time resolved autofluorescence of the human eye
Schweitzer, et al.

First commercial multi-modal cSLO with real-time image averaging, noise reduction and image composites, AF and simultaneous FA / ICGA video (HRA2)


First MPOD study, using HRA
Brinkmann, Wolf, et al.

First HRT3 replaces HRT II with AI (GPS), and TCA


First SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT with simultaneous cSLO and OCT with real-time TruTrack eye tracking with dynamic visualization (colocalization of retina and OCT image)

First lab two-photon excited fluorescence imaging in vitro human eyes
Bille, Holz, Schneider, et al.




First AutoRescan using eye tracking on SPECTRALIS OCT



First MultiLine study in rodents
Leung, Weinreb, et al.

First prototype for ex vivo two-photon fluorescence imaging of the human eye Slit-Lamp OCT



First two-photon fluorescence imaging on in-vivo rabbit eye
Jester, La Schiazza, et al.

First anterior segment imaging with SPECTRALIS OCT


Blue/Green/IR laser cSLO imaging (MultiColor)


Quantitative autofluorescence and macular pigment optical density (MPOD) cSLO
Delori, Nolan, et al.

NASA Ocular Health Study with SPECTRALIS OCT on ISS Prototype software for BMO-MRW with APS study
Chauhan, Bourgoyne, et al.

Ultra-widefield FA / ICGA cSLO


First prototype device for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO)
Wolf, Dysli, et al.

First commercial version of objective measurement of the BMO-MRW with APS: GMPE

Swept-source OCT prototype for anterior segment imaging

HEYEX 2 – Next generation image management platform



First in vivo two-photon FA on animals

Patent granted for use of phase plates for abberation reduced imaging

First simultaneous widefield OCT and widefield cSLO imaging


First OCT Angiography with full axial resolution, real-time eye-tracking, AutoRescan and dynamic visualization with Hybrid Angiography

Real-time swept-source OCT imaging in cataract and refractive surgery (VICTUS, B+L)


Real-world data mining through structured EMR
Denniston, et al.

First in vivo two-photon imaging of retina (FA and ICGA) in rodents
Jayabalan, et al.

NASA Space Associated Neuro Ocular Syndrome study (SANS) – OCT2 in space
Lee, Mader, et al.

Scrolling through the enface OCTA images

First mobile OCT with real-time eye tracking (FLEX) – Aqueous angiography study
Huang, et al.



Modified SPECTRALIS HYDRA in Switzerland / Moorfields
Hasler, Meier, et al.

Lab system combining twophoton imaging with FLIO

High Magnification Module


First combination of High Magnification Imaging with customized phase plates
Holz, et al.

Swept-source OCT multimodal biometric system for anterior segment (ANTERION)


First commercial prototype for high resolution OCT

Macular Pigment Optical Volume (MPOV), standardized measurement of macular pigment
Nolan, et al.