20 kHz Scan Speed

20 kHz – Sometimes slower is better

Diagnostic images even in the most challenging cases. The 20 kHz scan speed of SPECTRALIS with SHIFT technology offers you improved image quality due to higher sensitivity and better signal-to-noise ratio, resolving details even in eyes with media opacities.

Capture meaningful, high-resolution images of structures of the posterior segment when other devices or standard imaging modalities cannot deliver sufficient quality due to cataract, corneal edema or dense floaters.

The 20 kHz scan speed provides you with clinically relevant OCT images of the posterior segment especially in challenging cases, with better image quality than the 85 kHz scan speed. If needed, the combination with the new Enhanced Vitreous Imaging (EVI) or with Enhanced Depth Imaging (EDI) modes, can potentially provide even more detail from vitreous to choroid.

20 kHz – The high-sensitivity OCT scan speed for challenging cases, because speed isn’t everything.

Diabetes with corneal defect

85 kHz 20 kHz

Floater in the anterior segment

85 kHz 20 kHz
85 kHz Fovea centered   20 kHz Fovea centered

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