85 kHz Scan Speed

85 kHz – Sometimes balance is best

With the ideal speed-quality ratio for OCT imaging, the 85 kHz scan speed strikes the ideal balance between efficient workflow and meaningful images to achieve ideal outcomes. The measurements are reliable and the images stunning across all applications and scan patterns.

A proven standard in clinical practice, the 85 kHz scan speed allows you to offer confident diagnostics and creates a comfortable experience for both photographer and patient.

Synergies with the next generation SPECTRALIS platform, combined with a new high specification PC, significantly increase efficiency in OCT and OCTA imaging and provide images with more detail, contrast, and clarity than ever before.

High-resolution images across all OCT applications support you in delivering confident diagnoses. The truth in imaging, trusted by leading clinicians worldwide.

85 kHz – The scan speed for high structural OCT image quality across the posterior segment.

85 kHz
Optic Nerve Head
85 kHz

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