Heidelberg Engineering and Essmed take a specialist approach to improve customer care

Heidelberg, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden – In response to the growing need for specialist knowledge to support investment in innovative ophthalmic technologies, by mutual agreement, Heidelberg Engineering will move to direct operations in Finland, Norway and Sweden; and the Essmed group, owned and operated by Indutrade AB, will streamline its range of ophthalmic products to continue to deliver the highest level of clinical and technical services.

Heidelberg Engineering Ltd. will establish branch offices in Finland, Norway and Sweden, concentrating solely on the distribution of their portfolio of ophthalmic imaging and Healthcare IT solutions.

“The unprecedented growth of the OCT market in recent years, combined with the rapid advancements in multi-modality imaging technology and the demand for integrated image management software requires a single minded, undiluted approach,” explained Tosh Vadhia, General Manager of Heidelberg Engineering Ltd. with direct responsibility for the branch offices.

“Having direct operations in the Nordic countries will enhance our sensitivity to market conditions and gives us more flexibility to respond immediately and competitively to customer requirements.”

Essmed will focus on a refined portfolio of optical equipment, ophthalmic instruments and surgical products.

“The nature of our ophthalmic technologies and software systems requires a higher level of specialist knowledge and technical support than ever before,” explains Stefan Helgeson, Head of MedTech for Indutrade AB.

“We are confident that focusing on fewer brands will allow us to offer the higher level of customer care on which our reputation is built.”

Essmed has been the exclusive distributor for Heidelberg Engineering products since 1992.

“On behalf of Heidelberg Engineering, I would like to thank Essmed for representing and supporting our products for over 25 years,” expressed Christoph Schoess, Managing Director of Heidelberg Engineering GmbH.

“This direct approach will make both companies stronger and more adaptable to the dramatic changes in the ophthalmic market. We will continue to combine our resources and support each other in order to deliver the highest level of customer care during this transitional period.”

In Finland, Heidelberg Engineering will start direct operations with immediate effect. Pekka Makipaa will join the company as Country Manager and Kari Jussinniemi will join as Technical Support Engineer for Northern Europe. Essmed AB Sweden and Brinch AS Norway will remain distributor and service agent for Heidelberg Engineering until the 31st October 2018. Heidelberg Engineering will begin direct operations in Norway and Sweden as of the 1st November 2018 and will work closely with Essmed to ensure uninterrupted customer service and support.

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