The Core DNA of SPECTRALIS: Precisely Segment and Visualize the Retinal Layers


SPECTRALIS® provides you with high-resolution OCT images for a detailed visualization and segmentation of 10 retinal layers to help you confidently describe and pinpoint pathology.

Identifying and distinguishing the different layers when interpreting OCT scans can help you in refining the differential diagnosis of retinal abnormalities. The ability to discern each layer provides a precise method for the detection of early glaucomatous damage in the macular region and for identifying layer-specific retinal diseases.

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I am completely in love with my SPECTRALIS in so many ways. Heidelberg Engineering technology gives an extra level of confidence because of the degree of information. The structural OCT is terrific – no one can beat the resolution and user-friendly nature of the SPECTRALIS.

Dr. Roberto Gallego-Pinazo, Oftalvist Clinic, Valencia, Spain


Discover the retina interactively!

Retinal Layers interactive