State-of-the-art biometry: ANTERION in a comparative study

IComparison of Two Swept-Source OCT Biometry Devicesn a recently published article of the international journal Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Europe, Prof. Oliver Findl (Hanusch-Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria) summarizes the results of his comparative study1 and introduces the Cataract Application of the Heidelberg Engineering ANTERION®. Prof. Findl’s research team compared the biometry measurements of two swept-source OCT devices, the ANTERION and the IOLMaster 700, in a retrospective study.

In the article "Comparison of Two Swept-Source OCT Biometry Devices", Prof. Findl explains that:

  • swept-source OCT devices deliver precise measurements for IOL calculation and can improve the refractive outcomes after cataract surgery.
  • the ANTERION Cataract App generates reproducible and reliable measurements that are comparable to commonly used biometers.
  • ANTERION showed a good agreement with the measurements of the IOLMaster 700 in a comparative study1. The study focused on keratometry, central corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and axial length.

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Toric IOL CalculatorANTERION Cataract App

The ANTERION Cataract App combines key measurements for cataract surgery planning. The optimized swept-source OCT technology allows for accurate measurements even through dense cataracts, while the integrated spheric and toric IOL calculator adds additional convenience to your pre-operative routine.

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ANTERION multimodal platformMore than cataract surgery: ANTERION as multimodal imaging platform

ANTERION combines corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement and IOL calculation on one platform. The Imaging App is always integrated and allows you to visualize the entire anterior segment in high-resolution. ANTERION further adjusts to your clinical needs featuring three optional applications: the Cornea App, Cataract App, and Metrics App.

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1   Fișuș AD, Hirnschall ND, Findl O. Comparison of two swept-source optical coherence tomography-based biometry devices. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2020. doi: 10.1097/j.jcrs.0000000000000373