Examine, explore, analyze with HRT3 RCM

Did you know that HRT3 RCM can help cornea specialists worldwide to further improve patient care? HRT3 RCM is a compact ophthalmic device that uses confocal scanning laser microscopy to provide high-resolution images of the cornea and external ocular structures, such as the conjunctiva or the limbus. With HRT3 RCM you can

  • acquire unique high-resolution en face images of corneal cells and structures for a confident diagnosis and follow-up of corneal diseases and dystrophies.
  • investigate the conjunctiva, the limbus, the eye lid, or meibomian glands to assess pathologies that effect these external ocular structures.
  • identify keratocytes subpopulations or visualize details of the subbasal nerve plexus.
  • assess corneal nerves at a microscopic level.
  • combine the diagnostic information of HRT3 RCM with other Heidelberg Engineering devices, using the efficiency and security of HEIDELBERG EYE EXPLORER HEYEX 2 image management.


Navigate through the cornea at the cellular level and select your preferred scanning depth for a comprehensive in vivo assessment of all corneal layers – from epithelium to endothelium, including the quantitative assessment of endothelial cells. HRT3 RCM uses TomoCaps for sterile contact between the ocular surface and the microscope lens.

Learn more about the clinical applications of HRT3 RCM in our upcoming newsletters, which will feature clinical cases from eye care specialists around the world.



In vivo corneal microscope

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