Enlightening swept-source OCT images of the anterior segment

The Imaging App forms the basis of ANTERION®, the all-in-one imaging platform optimized for the anterior segment. This integrated application focuses on the visualization of the entire anterior segment from the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior surface of the lens – in outstanding resolution and image quality.

Discover the imaging app

Visualize various pathologies and follow-up on surgical results, such as keratoplasty, implanted IOLs, and corneal rings, using the Imaging App. A detailed visualization of the sclera, ciliary body and rectus muscles also helps you in the diagnosis and management of pathologies that impact these anatomical structures.

Your advantage? Impressive and revealing swept-source OCT images that provide visual confirmation and add reliability as well as accuracy in the diagnosis and follow-up of anterior segment alterations. Depending on the clinical application, you can choose from three additional applications: Cornea App, Cataract App, and Metrics App.
Learn more about them in the upcoming newsletters.

Learn more about them in the upcoming newsletters.

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Soft contact lens, partially detached DMEK, and IOL – acquired in one scan.