Heidelberg Engineering Xtreme Research Award

With the Xtreme Research Award, Heidelberg Engineering recognizes aspiring researchers and honors their outstanding projects and advancements to ophthalmic research.

Over the years, the novel research approaches of the award winners resulted in a better understanding of complex problems in ophthalmology – and beyond – or were translated into tangible benefits for ophthalmic patient care.

Heidelberg Engineering Xtreme Research Award

Award Winners 2014 – 2023


Dr. Hendrik Spahr
Dr. Dierck Hillmann

University of Lübeck

Towards holographic OCT for clinical applications
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PD Dr. Dr. Bettina Hohberger

University of Erlangen

Behind the Eye: OCT-A in Long COVID
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Patrick Sibony, MD1
Randy Kardon, MD, PhD2
Mark Kupersmith, MD3
Mona Garvin, PhD4
Jui-Kai Wang, PhD5

1SUNY Stony Brook
2The University of Iowa
3New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
4, 5The University of Iowa

Ocular Imaging for Raised Optic Disc Evaluation
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John Nolan, PhD

Nutrition Research Centre Ireland

Macular Pigment Assessment with SPECTRALIS
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Chantal Dysli, MD1
Lydia Sauer, MD2

1Inselspital University Hospital Bern
2Moran Eye Center of the University of Utah

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO)
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Osamah Saeedi, MD

University of Maryland

Beyond Angiography: In Vivo Imaging of Ocular Erythrocytes
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Massimo Fazio, PhD

University of Alabama at Birmingham

In-vivo Quantification of Biomechanics and Morphometry across Ocular Disease
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Alex Huang, MD, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles

Aqueous Angiography
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Prof. Dr. Frank Holz

Bonn University

Using Light to Probe the Retina: Intrinsic Autofluorescence Imaging
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Nimesh Patel, PhD

University of Houston, College of Optometry

NASA’s Ocular Health Study

Xtreme Research Lecture Award

Award Winners 2011 – 2013


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Guthoff
Dr. Marina Hovakimyan
Sabine Peschel
Prof. Dr. Oliver Stachs
Dr. Andrey Zhivov

Small Nerves – Large Consequences


C. Ross Ethier
Michael J. Girard
Jean Martial Mari
Nicholas G. Strouthidis
Edward White
Lyn Zimmo

3D Deformation Mapping of the Human Optic Nerve Head In Vivo


Dr. med. Dominik Fischer
Prof. Dr. med. Florian Gekeler
Dr. med. Andreas Schatz
Dr. med. Gabriel Willmann

THAO Project


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