Heidelberg AppWay

Heidelberg AppWay – Your secure way to ophthalmic apps

Heidelberg AppWay is a secure gateway to access both clinical and research applications that can offer additional insight into diagnostic images from Heidelberg Engineering and third-party devices.

Utilizing cloud exchange technology, this novel workflow solution allows you to choose from multiple SaaS (software as a service) providers within your image management platform HEYEX 2.

Access to AI Analytics: Secure. Simple. Seamless

With the rapid development and market introduction of deep learning algorithms for decision guidance and diagnostic insight, Heidelberg AppWay offers a compliant and secure workflow to combine the power of Heidelberg Engineering image quality and analytical or artificial intelligence applications for clinical routine and scientific research.

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Choose your app for additional clinical insight

Heidelberg Engineering has partnered with SaaS and AI companies to provide secure access to innovative ophthalmic apps. Get to know the app partners at:

The first fluid activity meter for the monitoring of disease progression and therapeutic response in patients with nAMD with CE certification under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).





Contact Healthcare-IT@heidelbergengineering.com for more information on Heidelberg AppWay or for collaboration opportunities.