Heidelberg Engineering Introduces Glaucoma Imaging Atlas

High-Tech OCT Company Shows Commitment to Education with Release of Its Glaucoma Textbook at American Glaucoma Society (AGS) Meeting

Cover of the Glaucoma Imaging Atlas
Cover of the Glaucoma Imaging Atlas

New York, NYHeidelberg Engineering, a privately-held imaging solutions company focused on advanced diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals, announced today the release of their Glaucoma Imaging Atlas, a comprehensive diagnostic imaging guide for glaucoma assessment and management. The Atlas will serve as the cornerstone of Heidelberg Engineering Academy’s educational programs in glaucoma.

“We are excited to publicly introduce our Glaucoma Imaging Atlas for the first time during American Glaucoma Society’s annual meeting in New York,” said Ali Tafreshi, Director of Clinical Research. “Heidelberg Engineering’s longstanding commitment to high-quality diagnostic imaging has served as a standard in eye care practices and academic institutions across the globe. This project is a culmination of extensive interpretation of OCT images and data by some of the most respected clinicians in the field of glaucoma. The Atlas will be used as a teaching tool to further educate the medical community on the implementation of our OCT technology as an aid in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, enabling effective, individualized patient care.”

The Glaucoma Imaging Atlas, which features 27 contributors from five countries, includes nearly 30 detailed case studies of patients in various stages of the disease imaged with Heidelberg Engineering’s SPECTRALIS® Glaucoma Module Premium Edition. Heidelberg Engineering will be onsite in New York at AGS’s annual meeting with a copy of the Glaucoma Imaging Atlas available for preview at booth #14.


The SPECTRALIS is an ophthalmic imaging platform with an upgradable, modular design. This platform allows clinicians to configure each SPECTRALIS to the specific diagnostic workflow in the practice or clinic.

Options include: OCT, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultra-widefield modules and scanning laser angiography.

About Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

The SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Module Premium Edition combines the proprietary Anatomic Positioning System (APS) with a series of unique scan patterns to assess the optic nerve head, the retinal nerve fiber layer, and the ganglion cell layer. These scan patterns are precisely matched to the characteristics of fine anatomic structures relevant in glaucoma diagnostics.

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