Space Associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome (SANS) and the ISS

Alex A. Huang, MD, PhD with the UCLA Stein Eye Institute / Doheny Eye Institute shared the latest research on efforts to treat SANS during the Heidelberg Engineering webinar “Deep Learning of Ocular Changes in Space: Lessons from the ISS and Ground-Based Studies”. 

During the webinar, Dr. Huang shared learnings to date about the impact of space on the eye and discussed current countermeasures to try to mitigate SANS. He states, that “this ongoing research is essential in helping to identify what we can do to maintain vision for long-haul space travel.” 

Co-presenter Steve Thomas, CRA, Manager, Clinical Affairs, Heidelberg Engineering, shared the story of how the SPECTRALIS® technology was selected by NASA, rigorously tested for space-readiness, and used on the ISS over the past seven years. “Mission ongoing”, concludes Thomas about the newer OCT2 Module that is still in use on the ISS since late 2018, which will provide researchers with more complex scan patterns for advanced learning. 

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