The Log4Shell gap is a global security risk that affects a commonly used Java logging library (Log4j). We are pleased to inform you that no Heidelberg Engineering product is affected by the Log4j vulnerability, this includes products designed and manufactured by our subsidiaries, MedicalCommunications and Medisoft.

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Ophthalmic Education lifts off for Out-of-this-World Edition

Prompted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to create a virtual event for a second year in a row, the Heidelberg Engineering Academy team rose to the occasion and delivered the Virtual Imaging Symposium 2021 (VIS) on Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16, 2021. The ambitious two-day agenda comprised a combined total of 36 hours of scientific programming and left a stellar impression on well over 700 participants who watched the event from across the globe.

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Earlier Detection of Glaucoma Progression Using High-Density 3D SD-OCT

A recently published peer-reviewed study followed 124 patients with open-angle glaucoma over a 5-year period. Subjects were scanned annually using SPECTRALIS SD-OCT to complete RNFL thickness scans, and optic nerve volume scans. Results exhibited that glaucoma progression can be detected approximately one to two years earlier in comparison to other currently available imaging.

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