OCT Angiography for Beginners – Multimodal Imaging Platform Optimizes Diagnostics

OCT Angiography for BeginnersDo you wonder if OCT angiography will actually revolutionize ocular fundus diagnostics in hospitals and practices?

Learn more about the impact of the multimodal imaging platform SPECTRALIS® and its OCT Angiography Module on ocular fundus diagnostics with case studies from Prof. Dr. Frank G. Holz, Prof. Dr. Antonia Joussen, Dr. Maximilian Pfau and Dr. Dominika Pohlmann.

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How can the SPECTRALIS® OCT Angiography Module* help you in your clinical diagnostics?

More detail within the individual vascular plexusesMore detail within the individual vascular plexuses

The high resolution OCTA images provide precise segmentation and visualization of all relevant vascular plexuses for a comprehensive clinical view at the push of a button.



Clear visualization at all depthsClear visualization at all depths

The new projection artifact removal (PAR) tool utilizes information from the superficial vascular plexus and reduces unwanted artifacts from OCTA images of the outer retina. Vascular structures and pathology can be visualized more precisely.

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