How OCT Technology Has Changed the Face of Optometric Practice

Healio VideoPreviously, changes in the retina, optic nerve or retina nerve fiber layer tissue had to be significant before they were visible. With OCT technology, optometrists are now able to discern micron-level structural changes in the RNFL and GCL, allowing for earlier detection of  changes to alter therapy, improve patient care, and potentially prevent further damage.

At the Optometry’s Meeting in St. Louis, Jim Fanelli, OD, FAAO, said, “Having the ability with the SPECTRALIS to discern the finer nuances of structural changes in the RFNL and ganglion cell layer has been a game changer.”

Watch the full PCON/Healio video to learn more about how Jim Fanelli, OD, FAAO, uses OCT technology to improve patient care.

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