FLIO Adds Another Dimension to Autofluorescence

Dr. Yoshihiko Katayama, Product Manager at Heidelberg Engineering, praised researchers Chantal Dysli, MD, PhD and Lydia Sauer, MD, Dr. med, for their pioneering research in Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO) which is an emerging imaging modality to measure the lifetime of fluorophores in the retina.

Their promising research has already been published in over 20 ophthalmic journals and demonstrates that FLIO may enable the early detection of subtle metabolic changes in tissue, even before damage occurs.

Watch the full OSN/Healio video of Yoshihiko Katayama, PhD, at ARVO to learn more about the emerging research in FLIO.

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Note: FLIO is not FDA cleared or CE marked and is not commercially available in the United States or European Union.