Discover retinal details at the microstructural level with SPECTRALIS

Discover HMMThe SPECTRALIS® High Magnification Module (HMM) elegantly demonstrates the capability of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) to resolve ocular microstructures by reducing intraocular light scattering, even in eyes with cataracts. Far from being a simple digital zoom, the HMM visualizes significantly more microstructural detail of the ocular fundus than is possible with a standard SPECTRALIS lens.

The detail you see in HMM images may provide novel insights into the pathogenesis and progression of retinal diseases, providing you with further possibilities to refine surgical and treatment regimens.

Discover HMM

Early Drusen Change
30° MultiColor image with signs of early drusen (left). The green square shows an 8° x 8° area to be investigated with the High Magnification Module (HMM). A zoomed-in view of this area (yellow) and an OCT B-Scan (blue) are shown right.

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