Article Review – Advantages of Performing Widefield OCT with SPECTRALIS OCT2

Widefield OCT scan of the retinal periphery showing clearly distinct retinoschisis and retinal detachment.
Image courtesy of Dr. Cereda, Luigi Sacco University Hospital, Milan

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The Widefield Imaging Module provides the standard field of view of a mydriatic fundus camera (55°) for all SPECTRALIS® fundus and OCT imaging modalities, simplifying diagnostic protocols and facilitating the detection of peripheral pathology. In addition to greatly improved acquisition speed, the OCT2 Module for SPECTRALIS provides enhanced image quality from the vitreous down into the choroid, further facilitating peripheral OCT imaging.

The authors of this study investigated the clinical utility of widefield OCT together with the OCT2 Module on SPECTRALIS in the evaluation of potentially sight-threatening diseases in the mid to far periphery.

Learn more about how the use of the OCT2 Module with the 55° lens could expand the understanding of peripheral vitreoretinal diseases, providing insights that may have positive impact on both clinical and surgical care.

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